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What I do

Quality Engineering

Advice and support for manufacturing, inspection. supplier quality, system reliability and anything else which can go wrong between drawing board and customer.


Professional CAD modelling and detail engineering drawings or guidance and collaborative support for engineering output and design for manufacture.


Guidance on business processes, operational success and mitigation of operational risks.


Rob Aunins, Owner

I have worked in World Championship motorsport for twenty years - Formula 1 and World Rally Championship. My competition career began in Inspection at Lotus Engineering with the Lotus 108 track bike and has run up to Chief Quality Engineer for Williams F1. I have also spent years in other engineering companies such as: precision machining, fabrication, electrical switchgear, precious metal laboratory equipment, road car assembly.

I have worked in the dust of a rally car test, a precision clean-room, and a manufacturing plant in India. I have reviewed manufacturing processes at multi-national food processing plants and repaired bicycles for villagers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Based in North Oxfordshire, I can work remotely but also have excellent transportation connections.

And I drink coffee.

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